FREE: 7DAY Book Challenge

7 Practical Steps to get you from Idea to your First Draft

If you have ever wondered why some authors can get their books written in a Weekend, 7 Days or even a month - then join us for this Free Video Training Series where you get:

  • Easy to follow Step by Step Action Plan
    As simple as Colour by Numbers, if you are good at following directions, then this will be a breeze (If this is not one of your strengths - I have a mindset blockbuster for that too).
  • Overcoming Writers Blocks & Challenges
    Nothing is going to push you to the edge of your comfort zone like acting on a life-long dream or putting out into the public your personal work - this often presents the challenges of hitting and responding to your Upper Limits. Mindset sessions and tools to overcome these.

  • Not sure what to Write about but to want to join the Challenge?
    I will provide 2 x Subjects you can write about - the best part is that each one can be modified to suit your Business.

  • What You will get out of this Challenge:
    There are four stages in the Writing and Publishing Journey. This challenge focusses on the area where I see authors getting stuck - creating the outline and content of their books. I provide you with the very step by step process I use with my clients.

  • BONUS: Tools & Resources that Rock!
    I will share with you the very same resources, tools and writing hacks I use to make writing a book a breeze, including the unpacking questionnaire.

Intended Audience: Entrepreneurs

7 Day Book Challenge
The Un-Packing Questionnaire
Unpacking a Book
Lesson Notes & Links

What's included

  • 5 Video Lessons
  • 1 Text Lesson

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

Dora Altintas